Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Foo To Deliver New Album In June

Yep, it's getting time for a new Foo Fighters album - and we'll see one in June. Supposedly, "In Your Honor" will contain 20 tracks, half typical Foo and half acoustic, spread over two CDs. Grohl:

Describing the record the frontman wrote: “There are subtleties. There are complexities. There are extremities. There are familiarities. There is orchestration. There is simplicity. There is a pile of blown speakers on the floor. There is full bottle of whiskey covered in drywall dust. There is a full bottle of whiskey covered in drywall dust that is about to disappear.”

But the real news is probably in the list of guest stars, which certainly follows the current incestual trends in rock music.

News to me is that Grohl is also appearing on the new Garbage disc, and on the upcoming release from Nine Inch Nails (coming April 3rd). The influence and shear volume of work produced by this man in the past 15 years has to rival that of any other single man in rock, and to think that he would have been justified walking away after Cobain's death.

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