Thursday, March 10, 2005


The Bling King

The Detroit Free Press recently ran an interesting profile on Ralph Gilles, the design direction for the Chrysler 300C.

While something could be said of Gilles' ethnic background, what's probably more important is his young age. The 300C neatly blends contemporary styling (high beltlines, short overhangs) with an appreciation for the upright chromi-ness of the early 80s, something that could probably only be acheived by someone in his 30s. On the other hand, GM's Ed Welburn seems stuck in the monochrome Euro-fashion of the late 80s and early 90s - teardrop shapes drapped in a single color, preferably dark and devoid of brightwork. While GM is indeed pulling off this look somewhat more successfully with the G6 than they did with, say, the Lumina, that's vastly overshadowed by the 300C's stretch back towards the day of rear-wheel-drive Fifth Avenues and their boxy large-car competition - a otherwise antiquated and forgotten slice of American design that really wasn't much more than a big set of wheels away from looking pretty frickin' cool.

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