Friday, February 04, 2005


Why Voting Isn't The End-All-Be-All Solution To Iraq

Fareed Zakaria weighs in with his opinion on what needs to be done to secure the peace in Iraq:

In April 2003, around the time Baghdad fell, I published a book that described
the path to liberal democracy. In it, I pointed out that there had been
elections in several countries around the world—most prominently Russia—that put governments in place that then abused their authority and undermined basic human rights. I called such regimes illiberal democracies. In NEWSWEEK that month, I outlined the three conditions Iraq had to fulfill to avoid this fate. It is
currently doing badly at all three.

Read the whole article - it's short and to-the-point. Note that he doesn't regard the situation there as hopeless, but nor does he describe it as all rosy, either. Zakaria seems to be one of the few realists left in the mainstream media, and as such, I think he should command a lot of respect.

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