Tuesday, February 01, 2005


...Trail Of Dead

I finally picked up And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead's "Worlds Apart". Man, absolutely brilliant.

The overall sound of the album has its roots in punk rock, but in the process of covering just about everything from the mid-60s to modern day alternative, it really ends up with a timeless quality to it. I think it's some of the most ambitious stuff I've heard since the Smashing Pumpkin's "Mellon Collie". I mean, at times it seems to be on the level as the Beatle's White Album, and "All White" sounds to me like something that could have been on Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" - and then it'll spaz out into a few seconds of furry that sounds like it came straight out of a garage in the midwest. That little percussion-driven bridge about 45 seconds into the beginning of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" that everyone loves so much really seems weak when compared with the opening of "Will You Smile Again", and anything on modern rock radio sounds embarassing insignificant when compared with this track as a whole. Gotta love that Ween-like sound to the first couple minutes of "The Lost City Of Refuse", too.

It sounds to me like it's very well produced, and even with as much that's going on with each song, the sound never gets muddy and nothing gets lost in the mix. It also seems like there's no wasted notes or percussion beats - everything has its place and purpose. What's great is to watch the spectral content of each song in Windows Media Player - when things get moving, there's no part of the audio spectrum that escapes abuse.

I gotta think that this material would be the foundation of an absolutely killer live show.
Killer album artwork, too - I'm sure it'd look lovely as a vinyl LP. Haven't gotten a chance to check out the DVD yet that was included with the "special edition".

I think it should be noted that I'm currently on my fourth spin through this album and it's not even 2PM yet. It's like a new record every time I play it, with all the new stuff there is to find in each song. Magnificant.

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