Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Toyota Quality

U.S. federal regulators have launched an early-stage safety investigation into
2004 models of Toyota Motor Corp.'s Lexus RX330 SUV, The New York Times reported Wednesday. A Toyota spokesman in Tokyo confirmed the investigation, which is a preliminary evaluation of a possible glitch in the vehicle's power brake assist system.
Automotive News, Feb. 16 2005

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 22,228 of its 2005-model Tacoma pickup trucks
sold in the United States to fix a potential problem with their parking brakes,
federal safety regulators said Tuesday.

Automotive News, Feb. 15 2005

Match "China prices" - or else. That's what Toyota Motor Corp. has ordered
its suppliers to do as part of the four-year-old program called "Construction of
Cost Competitiveness" for the 21st Century (CCC21). The campaign has one year to
go, but according to Toyota's president-designate, Katsuaki Watanabe, it is on
track to save Japan's number-one automaker all of the $10 billion goal sought
from the start in 2000.

The Car Connection, Feb 15 2005

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