Friday, February 25, 2005


Tip Of The Day

Don't sell unregistered machine guns to undercover cops:

A Meadville-area militia leader and gunsmith who advocated armed revolt against the federal government pleaded guilty yesterday in Erie to possession of illegal machine guns.

Darrell W. Sivik, 57, of West Mead, Crawford County, who operated a low-power FM station called "Braveheart Radio" in a shack behind his gun shop, was the last in a group of men convicted in an investigation of homemade machine guns in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Sivik admitted selling a gun to an undercover agent for $300 and another to Charles Bilunka, 60, of Atlantic, Crawford County. Bilunka is head of Christian American Patriot Survivalists, a militia outfit that agents said was training members to kill police officers in preparation for the end of the world.

Bilunka pleaded guilty in August to possession of unregistered firearms, land mines, a machine gun and a modified SKS rifle.

Agents said he was stockpiling weapons for the second coming of Jesus Christ, which he predicts will happen in 2009, and Armageddon, slated for 2012.

Um, yea. I've got no problem with guys planning for the future, and frankly if they want machine guns, fine - just don't hurt anybody with them. But for cryin' out loud, don't go selling them to strangers, especially guys that might be cops.

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