Friday, February 04, 2005


Safety Announcement

I arrived home today to find a postcard from DeWalt, suggesting that as an owner of one of their fine miter saws I should head to their website and read "an important safety announcement regarding the removal and installation of the saw blade".

So I navigated on over there (as if typing in "" and looking for the button labeled "Safety Announcement" somehow qualifies me as Magellan Jr.).

So I checked out these new instructions and found that they basically tell me to remove the old blade, put on the new one, and make sure the guard doesn't contact the blade when I'm done. I'm not sure exactly what the old ones would have suggested, but, uh, I'd hope they would have said the exact same thing. Was there a suggestion to stick one's finger in the blade to make sure it's really working correctly that got removed from the new instructions? Did the old instructions leave out the step where it's recommended I let the blade stop before servicing it? Was it previously suggested that I forego the use of the spindle lock and instead use my crotch to keep the blade from spinning during removal?

Actually, I think the previous instructions forgot to remind the use to replace the guard bracket screw after replacing the blade, a step that should be completely obvious to anyone sufficiently qualified to be using power tools. But, no, instead I got a card in the mail that probably cost a buck or so to print and mail, and I'll pay for that the next time I buy a power tool. Stupid people are really hurting my buying power.

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