Monday, February 14, 2005


A Plea To GM

Dear GM,

As I understand things, you will be offering a Cadillac-badged version of your Epsilon platform in Europe, and one of your powertrain offerings will be a 1.9 L turbodiesel. Can we please get this engine in something over here, perhaps in a Malibu or Cobalt, or even as an option for Saturn?

If this engine is good enough for a premium car that's sold in Europe, then I'm sure that us Americans would find it acceptable. It'd be a great way to distinguish your offerings from the competition, which we know is something you sorely need help with. It'd provide an alternative to purchasing the horribly unreliable VW products, which are currently the only affordable passenger cars sold in the US with diesels.

My wife would like one for the fuel economy savings, I'd enjoy one for the novelty, and frankly this is probably the only reason I'd consider buying one of your small cars. It's not that I don't like your current product - it's just that there's nothing drawing me to it. Offering a diesel would fix that problem.

So, please, just give this one a thought. Keep in mind that you're currently charging over $5,000 for the Duramax option in your trucks, and you can't keep those on the lot.

Thanks for listening.

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