Thursday, February 24, 2005


Is Anyone Listening Yet?

Thomas Friedman weighs in with an article on the threat of a declining dollar.

I don't really think anyone's paying much attention to this. For most people, I bet it's just barely getting to that point where there's enough murmuring on the topic for it to be disregarded as background noise. Ya know - it's just those stuffy types trying to warn us about the next disaster that's never going to come. Combine that with the fact that half the country worships the administration that happens to be ignoring the damage it's doing by selling-out its principles, and the other half of the country falls in behind the opposition party that has little room to be complaining about government spending. Plenty of people from both groups would scream if their precious Nike shoes and DVD players went up in price, or if their credit-card rates skyrocketed (ever notice how many people that "pay off their bill every month and never carry a balance" are also very concerned with their APR?).

Given all that, folks will just choose to ignore the issue, and we're back to a classic boiling-a-frog scenario.

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