Thursday, February 24, 2005


Hunter S. Thompson, Sporting Genius

Let the man be remembered for his great work:

NEW YORK In what was likely his last published article, Hunter S. Thompson, the so-called "gonzo journalist" who shot and killed himself on Sunday, wrote for on Feb. 15 about inventing a new game called “Shotgun Golf.” He predicted it “will soon take America by storm. I see it as the first truly violent leisure sport. Millions will crave it.”

He described it this way: “Shotgun Golf was invented in the ominous summer of 2004 AD, right here at the Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colo. The first game was played between me and Sheriff Bob Braudis, on the ancient Bomb & Shooting Range of the Woody Creek Rod & Gun Club. It was witnessed by many members and other invited guests, and filmed for historical purposes by Dr. Thompson on Super-Beta videotape.

“The game consists of one golfer, one shooter and a field judge. The purpose of the game is to shoot your opponent's high-flying golf ball out of the air with a finely-tuned 12-gauge shotgun, thus preventing him (your opponent) from lofting a 9-iron approach shot onto a distant ‘green’ and making a ‘hole in one.’ Points are scored by blasting your opponent's shiny new Titleist out of the air and causing his shot to fail miserably. That earns you two points.
“But if you miss and your enemy holes out, he (or she) wins two points when his ball hits and stays on the green.

“And after that, you trade places and equipment, and move on to round 2."


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