Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Diverse Product

Gore is mostly known for their super-great Gore-Tex fabric that's uses in so many different outerwear products. However, they've got a very broad range of products* that range from their development philosophy, making them sort of a mini-GE. The latest is a security enclosure for sensitive electronics that helps prevent physical hacking:

Gore's electronic security enclosures surround the information storage module
physically and electronically. They use a matrix of conductive ink traces to
shield encryption codes and other sensitive data. If the enclosure is tampered
with, critical data are automatically "zeroed out," rendering the data unusable.
Enclosures are available with multi-level protection against physical invasion
such as puncture, chemical attacks, and laser penetration.

Cool stuff, if you ask me. The constant struggle between those on each side of the security/theft equation amuses me to no end; I think it represents some of the best in human creativity.

*Not all is great in Gore world; I gave their bicycle cables a shot about 8 years ago with what I'd regard as minimal success, with the effort and cost certainly not worth the benefit. Interestingly enough, the only cables they now list on their website are of the electrical type.

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