Monday, February 21, 2005


ChoicePoint - Selling Your Privacy

Mrs. Angry Engineer told me about this story last week; I've finally found an article explaining it:

Criminals posing as legitimate businesses have accessed critical personal
data stored by ChoicePoint Inc., a firm that maintains databases of background
information on virtually every U.S. citizen, has learned.

The incident involves a wide swath of consumer data, including names,
addresses, Social Security numbers, credit reports and other information.
ChoicePoint aggregates and sells such personal information to government
agencies and private companies.

How this shit is legal in the first place, I have no idea. Oh, but wait, it gets better:

[ChoicePoint spokesman] Lee said law enforcement officials have so far
advised the firm that only Californians need to be notified.

Why California? Because only California requires by law that
data-gathering companies notify its citizens when a breach of security takes
place. So, unless you live in California, you will not be notified.

Nice. Forget gay marriage - I want to see a Constitutional amendment guaranteeing my right to privacy. Well, yea, there's the 9th Amendment, but that one doesn't seem to count anymore. On second thought, hold off on that amendment - I'm sure things would get even more fucked up than they already are.

Some might say it gets even better:
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