Wednesday, February 16, 2005


A Chem Teacher Is Accused Of...

...teaching his class how to make bombs, and his name isn't Mr. Greinke or Mr. VanDam (that's a reference that perhaps one or two people will get).

David Pieski, 42, used an overhead projector in class to give instructions
in making explosives to students at Freedom High School, including advising them
to use an electric detonator to stay clear from the blast, an Orange County
sheriff's arrest report said.

In Pieski's classroom in Orlando, authorities found a book labeled
"Demo," which includes the chemical breakdown for a powerful explosive, the
arrest report said.
Pieski guided investigators to an unlocked metal cabinet in the back of a
classroom, where there was "a can of black powder stored next to other
chemicals," the sheriff's office said.

School officials told investigators that Pieski previously had been
told he was not allowed to have any form of explosive on campus.

I am so glad that I don't have to suffer through high school nowadays, because I suspect that teachers are not allowed to be even slightly cool nowadays. I clearly remember walking into Mr. VanDam's classroom during 3rd period of my first day of high school, seeing the half-dozen or so burnt and charred ceiling tiles above his desk, and thinking that the next three years of school might not be that bad after all. Over the next 9 months, Mr. VanDam showed that his last year before retirement would not stop him from acting like a 10-year-old pyromaniac. He'd probably be arrested for teaching terrorist techniques nowadays, especially with his fondness for debunking the contents of the "Anarchist's Cookbook".

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