Thursday, February 10, 2005


Automotive Embedded Systems Attacked By Viruses?

Kinda sounds that way:

Antivirus companies are researching reports that computer viruses have
attacked the onboard computers of cars.

Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs was asked last weekend how to disinfect the
onboard computers of several Lexus models: LX470, LS430 and Landcruiser 100. The security company was told that the infection likely occurred via a mobile phone.

Some mobile-phone viruses already exist, such as Cabir and Skulls, which
spread by Bluetooth and infect handsets based on the Symbian operating system.
Many Lexus cars include a navigation system that can connect to a mobile phone
over Bluetooth to allow hands-free calls, and Kaspersky believes that Bluetooth
could be used to transmit a virus to a car's GPS navigation system.

Interesting stuff, indeed, and probably something that automotive software guys are not used to dealing with. Well, guess what - the problem's here, and probably isn't going to go away on its own.

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