Sunday, January 02, 2005


Renewing My Faith In Music Magazines

During my trip to Barnes & Noble yesterday, the cover of AMP caught my eye due to a photo of Green Day, and some very large type below that proclaiming an interview with Hot Water Music. OK, it's obvious that this is already the best music magazine ever, and that doesn't even factor in the $1.99 price and the fact that two demo CDs were included.

Inside, I found coverage across the rock spectrum (including the death metal scene), some very messy but highly-entertaining interviews (seemingly the foundation of the magazine), and the most comprehensive round-up of reviews that I've seen in print. And very surprising for a magazine that's based around punk music, there's none of this usual exclusiveness (as I said, Green Day made the cover). Yea, it's printed on newsprint, there's no David Fricke, and quite frankly the writing and editing aren't much beyond the 'zines that TJ Doyle published during my senior year in high school, but it's worlds beyond any other consumer music mag that's available right now.

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