Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I Feel Better Now

Nominee for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales "plans to promise to abide by the government’s non-torture policies and international treaties if he is confirmed by the Senate". Yep, that's reassuring.

So, just out of curiousity, will Sen. John McCain show the same concern for prisoner abuse that he did during the past summer's Al Gharaib scandal, or will he simply roll over and follow the party line when it's time to vote? Gonzales wrote memos advising the US that the Geneva conventions do not apply to War On Terror prisoners. McCain showed some level of outrage (real or fake?) when the photos of prisoner abuse broke into the mainstream media. I can't possible see how McCain can retain any sort of credibility by voting to confirm Gonzales. At the very least, he should be using the hearings to rip a new one in the AG nominee.

But my guess is that he won't, because that will upset the Powers That Be and negatively impact any chance that McCain has to run in 2008. For when it's come time to put his vote where his mouth is, we've seen McCain suckin' it up to the White House just about every time. Sad, so sad, especially seeing as how the man could grab 60%+ of the popular vote precisely because he's viewed as having integrity.

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