Tuesday, January 11, 2005


4th-Generation Warfare

Via The High Road, we get a truly thought-provoking essay on 4th-generation warfare (see here for a definition of each "generation" - it's good reading) that's written by a Marine Corps officer. It's interesting in so many ways - the relevance to today's situation, the year in which it was published (nearly 10 years ago!), but most significantly, the way the author reflects on the domestic aspects of this new warfare, and what it might mean to the military and the way it deals with Constitutional issues. In other words, it implicitly addresses the potential that the War on Terrorism may require that the military be called to enforce unconstitutional laws against the American public. It's spooky stuff, but Con. Wyly, I think, provides a very rational and sane viewpoint.

While on this topic, he takes a moment to make the argument that maybe the greatest threat to our freedom in 4th-gen warfare is, well, ourselves:

If this country is at risk of being undermined by fourth generation enemies, it
is because we have too long allowed people to be citizens without requiring them
to learn the precepts of our government. If Americans understood the
fundamentals presented here about our constitutional concept we would be a
stronger country.

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