Thursday, December 30, 2004


More On The Rumsfeld Situation

It almost seems to come down to two sides trying to play each other as useful idiots:

Rumsfeld himself was never a neo-conservative. He just found them useful as he
took over the Pentagon for the second time. Clearly the neo-cons found Rumsfeld
useful as well as they pushed their ideas on transforming the Middle East.

The question here seems to come down to accountability - who's responsible? If we accept the premise that the neocons took control of the Republican party and put Bush (and subsequently, Rumsfeld) into power, then indeed, that loosely-defined group is to blame.
However, when it all comes down to it, Rumsfeld is the guy who hired the neocons to work for him in the Pentagon. Rumsfeld, then, is the one to blame for all that has gone wrong with Iraq, and the theory that a bunch of unelected intellectuals are the ones to be held accountable is, quite frankly, unacceptably weak. The neocons simply floated ideas and pushed forward their agenda - sure, they may have been the source of incorrect information and half-baked plans, but they were not the ones elected by the public or confirmed by the Senate to run this country.

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