Monday, December 06, 2004


China Launches Ballistic Missile Submarine

Um, I'm sure they've only got the best intentions in mind.

This comment is interesting:

Although considered unlikely in the near term, the most likely avenue for
conflict between the United States and China is over Taiwan, which China
regards as a rogue province.

Sure, we've heard that before - why is it significant? Because I think it's dead wrong. My guess is that the US and China will do battle over resources before they go at each over over Taiwan. Heck, comments by the US in the past year have already pretty much written-off the democratic island nation. My guess is that China will need to make a move on Russia or the Middle East before we give much concern (I'm sure an attack on Japan would also provoke a response, but I'm at a loss to why China would do such a thing).

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