Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The Becker-Posner Blog

I first heard about the Becker-Posner Blog via Power Line approximately three weeks ago, and the very first topic concerned the debate over pre-emptive war. Those two facts immediately had me, in a narrow-minded mode, thinking that this was going to be the journal of two neo-con intellectuals (having not understood anything about these two guys beyond the fact that one was a federal judge and legal expert, and the other was a economist). So, I kinda blew off the whole thing.

Well, last night, having exhausted the available reading on my usual list of sites, I decided to check back and see what the topic of the week was. Much to my surprise, they had tackled the issue of global warming and the Kyoto treaty, and the outcome was certainly not what I expected (that is to say, they did not advocate burying our heads in the sand and buying a few more SUVs while the incentives are still good, nor did they recommend immediately discontinuing the use of fossil fuels and the purchase of Birkenstocks). I then navigated back to the previous week's debate on pharmaceutical intellectual property protection and once again found a level of discourse that I would not expect from the usual partisan blogs (or from the mainstream media, for that matter).

While this is certainly not an endorsement of every conclusion they may draw, I certainly have to give this blog a huge amount of credit for (so far, at least) bringing up the level of debate to a level that most of us probably don't encounter on a regular basis. It would seem that intellectualism prevails over politics during their arguments, and that's kinda rare nowadays. As such, I recommend adding it to your bookmarks and checking back every week.

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