Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Old School Music

I busted out Suicidal Tendencies' The Art of Rebellion yesterday for a quick (and loud) spin. That's one that needs to get played every few months. It's but one of the many underappreciated works of the early 90s. This was one of the "gateway" albums that led me from relatively straightforward grunge rock to the truely "alternative" side of things, which is a testament to its variety. Songs like "Nobody Hears" are pretty typical radio fodder from that era, while "Asleep at the Wheel" turns Sucidal's normal punk sound inside-out and into some sort of screwed-up psychodelic rant. In my opinion, it's the high point of their career - previous albums are too one-dimensional, later works are filled with too many skits between songs that just aren't funny, and the funk influence (always there under the surface in some quanity, especially in Robert Truhillo's work on the bass) becomes overbearing.

I also gave Oleander's February Son last week while working on the car. I remember that one being a lot better 5 years ago. I think that with the relatively dismal work that was predominant around the time I left college, the bar was set pretty low.

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