Friday, November 26, 2004


Interesting Tidbits On The New 2005 Mustang GT

There's two things of noteworthiness:

1) So-called "torque management" has been implemented, even on cars with manual transmissions. Obviously, there's some folks that are screaming about this. They're also the same folks who will be beating-up their service manager for warranty service on drivetrain failures caused by driver hamfistedness.

I'd rather that a drivetrain be engineered to properly handle abuse loads, especially in a performance car like the Mustang. But I also understand that manufacturers need to do what they can to protect themselves from dishonest warranty claims.

I'd just be interested in seeing what sort of difference this makes in real-world acceleration times with an average driver. Sure, someone with the skills of MM&FF's Evan Smith can probably take advantage of the power that's lost when the throttle starts to close near redline, but I suspect that the average keyboard warrior can't.

2) That so-called hydrocarbon trap sure is interesting. It seems that key-off hydrocarbon emission requirements are getting progressively more difficult to meet in recent years, as evidenced by the switch to returnless fuel systems. When it comes to the point where the emissions caused by injector leak-down necessitates a filter on the intake tract, even my inner Tree Hugger thinks things have gone much too far. Seems like there's more-important threats to the environment in the long term, and therefore it's a waste of resources to pursue things to this level.

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