Sunday, October 17, 2004


Proof That Kobe Bryant Is An Ass

From Phil Jackson, of all sources:

I understand why the Lakers treat Kobe as their most valuable asset. The kid
will be twenty-six in August. His ability to take over a game, to make an
impossible play, is unmatched. Yet it needs to be remembered that Kobe is still
an employee, and that he needs direction and guidance in a way that helps him
mature into the kind of adult we hope he can be. Kobe is missing out by not
finding a way to become part of a system that involves giving to something
larger than himself. He could have been the heir apparent to [Michael
Jordan] and maybe won as many championships. He may still win a
championship or two, but the boyish hero image has been replaced by that of a
callous gun for hire.

Watching a group of selfish prima donnas go down in flames is always a satisfying exercise, and the fact that they did it against my beloved Detroit Pistons provided the most-enjoyable sporting event I've watched in the past decade and a half.

It's clear that Kobe is mature far beyond his years in terms of on-court skills, but it's also clear that he simply doesn't know how to properly interact with a group of adults who are interested in working with him towards a common goal. Eventually, he'll have to live up to the fact that the common thread in all his failed relationships is, well, himself - but until then, he'll continue chasing away the very people he needs to help him acheive what he wants in his career.

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