Monday, October 11, 2004


An Interview with Michael Badnarik Of The Libertarian Party

The interview. Not quite as surreal as the interview of Ralph Nader by Pat Buchanan, but still pretty strange.

One has to worry about someone who freely associates with Rick Stanley. Then again, I'm sure that both "major party" candidates associate with people much more sinister and evil than Mr. Stanley (who really probably is guilty of little more than irrational exuberance).

Badnarik doesn't exactly come off as the most stable choice for the head of our country, but I'm actually OK with that. If voting third-party is intended to send a strong message, why not make it that much stronger by voting for someone who's just a bit of a wackjob? I mean, go all out and state, "Hey, this guy is fucked in the head, but I still think he'd make a better president than either of you idiots!". Or something like that. But, hey, if you really like what you saw from one or both of the candidates in the first two debates, then feel free to limit yourself to those two choices.

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