Monday, September 27, 2004


Regular Folks Know a Lot

Ain't this the truth:

BUT CONSIDER HOW MUCH REGULAR FOLKS KNOW. If you have not been famous or
otherwise insulated, you have likely had half a dozen jobs by the age of 50. You
have perhaps started, or tried to start, your own business. You have moved at
least four times in adulthood, and bought and sold perhaps that many houses or
condos, You have researched a number of areas of the country and lived in two or
three (and not just Washington, New York, and Los Angeles). You have perhaps
served a military hitch. You have had children in public schools or you've been
home-schooling; you've raised funds for a church or a lodge or a Boy Scout
troop. In some context or other, you have sold something door to door, published
a newsletter, sold advertising, served on a committee, had a hand in hiring and
firing.If you've ever had a hobby, you probably have an expert education in
something like motorcycle mechanics, photography, flying, firearms, railroad
history, or ornithology.


So what's the big mystery? Not that ordinary people knew "arcane" things
about typefaces and spacing, but that the big machers at CBS didn't know
perfectly ordinary things.


It required making an ordinary observation: "Hey, these things don't look
like they were typed in 1972." It just required being part of the real
world."Out of touch" doesn't even begin to describe what CBS did -- what CBS
News is.

I wanted this blog to be a Rather-free zone, but this article is about more than that, so I feel OK posting it. Well, maybe just a bit dirty. But, really, when it all comes down to it, normal people know a heck of a lot, and I'm expected to bring my extracurrecular knowledge to work - so why shouldn't the mainstream media? Granted, I'm not exactly Capt. Detail at work, so maybe this was something I wouldn't have caught - but I work with people who do possess that level of detail, and I'd hope that CBS might have one or two of them around as well (especially, ya know, maybe as factcheckers or something).

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